4th European Maya Conference

Interaction Among the Maya and their Neighbors

This conference was held from October 9 through 13, 1999 at the Danish National Museum. It was coordinated by the Department of American Indian Languages and Culture of the Institute of History of Religion, University of Copenhagen.

You can download the complete program of the conference and the abstracts of the papers presented:



The papers presented at the conference were the following:

Karl Taube
University of California, Riverside

Teotihuacan and the Classic Maya: Recent Investigations of Temple 16 at Copan, Honduras

Nikolai Grube
University of Texas, Austin

The Caretakers of the Hu'n: The Temple XIX Inscriptions from Palenque and what they say about Subordinate Lords

James E. Brady
California St. University
Jesper Nielsen
Kobenhavns Universitet

The Couple in the Cave: Origin Iconography on a Ceramic Vessel from Los Naranjos, Honduras

Maria Hammershoy
Toke Sellner

Kobenhavns Universitet

The Glyph for ch'e:n 'Cave'

Elisabeth Wagner
Universität Bonn

Knots, Burial Bundles and the Lord of the Dead

Ian Graham
Peabody Museum,
Harvard University

Finding Some Inscriptions and Loosing Others

Stephen Houston
John Robertson

Brigham Young University

Classic Mayan Nouns and Adjectives

Alfonso Lacadena
Universidad Complutense, Madrid

Maya Paleography

Peter Mathews
La Trobe University

A History of the Inscriptions of Palenque

Erik Boot
Rijksuniversiteit Leiden

The Decipherment of the Inscriptions at Chich'en Itsá, Yucatán, Mexico: Past, Present, and Future

Bodil Liljefors
Lunds Universitet

The Books of Chilam Balam: a Continuing Link between Past and Future

Søren Wichmann
Kobenhavns Universitet
Alfonso Lacadena
Universidad Complutense, Madrid

More Evidence for the Distribution of Ch'olan Dialects in the Classic Period