6th European Maya Conference

Recapturing Mayan Memories: Historical Representation in Text, Image and Ritual

This conference was held from December 8 through 9, 2001 at the University of Hamburg, Germany. The workshop took place December 5 to 7, 2001. The event was coordinated by the Institut für Archäologie, Arbeitsbereich (VII) - Altamerikanische Sprachen und Kulturen.

You can download the complete program of the conference and also the abstracts of the papers presented:



The papers presented at the conference were the following:

Erik Boot
Leiden University

Mul tepal - 'Joint Rule or Government' at Chichen Itza, Yucatan, Mexico: Historic Reality, or not?

Inés de Castro
Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-
Universität, Bonn

Eugenio Arana, Comandante General of the Pacíficos del Sur, 1868-1905

John F. Chuchiak IV
Assumption College, Boston

Remembering the Forbidden: Colonial Yucatec Maya Perceptions and Historical Recollections of Traditional Religion and Ritual, 1570-1700

Albert Davletshin
Russian State University
for the Humanities, Moscow

The Becoming of the Maya Writing Historical Tradition

Carlos Flores

From Stone to Video: Postwar Inscriptions of La Violencia among Q’eqchi’ Mayas of Guatemala

Wolfgang Gabbert
Freie Universität Berlin

The Vicissitudes of Nation-Building: The Past of Yucatán in Nineteenth-Century Elite discourse

Matthias Gorissen
Universität Hamburg

Apocalypticism and Maya History in the Book of Chilam Balam of Chumayel: Re-thinking Time, History and Cosmology among the Maya of Yucatan

Thomas H. Guderjan
Texas Christian University
C. Colleen Hanratty
Southern Methodist University

A Thriving Non-Royal Lineage at Blue Creek: Evidence from a sequence of burials, caches and architecture

Stanley Guenter
LaTrobe University, Melbourne

Foliated Ajaw and the Fall of El Mirador

Antje Gunsenheimer
Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-
Universität, Bonn

What happens after deconstruction? Post-modern approaches to Yucatecan Ethnohistory

Marcus Kuhnert
Universität Hamburg

The Representation of Mythology and History in Late Preclassic and Early Classic Architecture

Geneviève Le Fort

Sacred versus Divine: Comments on Classic Maya Kingship

Megan O'Neil
Yale University

Lacanja Stela 7: The Juxtaposition of Past and Present for an Image of the Future

Guillermo Velázquez Ramírez
Universidad de Quintana Roo

Restauración arqueológica y reconstrucción de la memoria

Lorraine Williams-Beck
Universidad de Campeche

Toward resolving historical document conundrums: An archaeological interpretation of the Calkiní title

Ann C. Wright
University of Texas at Austin

Signs of Life: Performance of Memory and Political Agency in Ancient Mesoamerican Representations of Authenticity, Identity, and Experience

Marc Zender
University of Calgary

Lords of La Corona: Reconstructing the Historical Documents of 'Site Q'