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21th European Maya Conference: Moscow, Russia


21 -22 October 2016

The 21st European Maya Conference will be held in Moscow, Russia, from 17 to 22 October 2016. The meeting is organized by the Knorozov Center for Mesoamerican Studies, Russian State University for the Humanities and the Department of Ancient History, Lomonosov Moscow State University in cooperation with Wayeb (European Association of Mayanists). The conference is supported financially by the Russian Scientific Foundation. It will combine three-and-a-half day workshops (October 17 - 20) and a symposium (October 21 - 22).

Programme for Symposium and Workshops

Hierarchy and Power in the Maya World

For many decades discussions concerning Maya political organization were concentrated around competing theoretical models - such as theocratic model, "city-state" model, "regional state" model, and others. It was considered that the Maya area was generally organized in a uniform way although evolved and changed in time. Recent epigraphic, archaeological, and historic discoveries have demonstrated that the Maya society was always characterized by a wide variety of political organization and that different forms of power relations existed in time and space.

The conference will focus on various forms of construction and expression of the power in the Maya culture from prehispanic to modern times. Topics that will be covered include:

List of Speakers (in alphabetical order):

For further information, please contact the Wayeb Conference Board or the local organisers (Dmitri Beliaev, Alexander Safronov, Yulia Bernatskaya, Philipp Galeev, Sergei Vepretski, and Darya Baida) at