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22nd European Maya Conference: Malmö, Sweden


15 -16 December 2017

The 22nd Annual European Maya Conference is co-organised by the European Association of Mayanists, WAYEB, and Malmö University, Faculty of Education and Society in Sweden. The conference will begin with an introductory lecture to the workshops on Monday December 11th, followed by three-day workshops and concludes with a two-day symposium held from Friday December 15th to Saturday December 16th 2017 in the building Orkanen, ‘The Hurricane’, at Malmö University.

EMC-Announcement & Call for Papers

Maya Religion and History

The Conference theme for EMC22 at Malmö University is MAYA RELIGION AND HISTORY. The theme connects to J. Eric S. Thompson’s book Maya History and Religion, a well-known example synthesising the state of the art of the known research of both Maya history and religion at the time. Since Thompson’s book was published the first time, much has happened and later research has changed and revised the knowledge from various academic disciplines regarding Maya history and religion. Since Maya Studies is a dynamic field, it seems timely and urgent to make a new effort to once more collect interesting research on Maya Religion and History in broad and general strokes.

The main topic is broken down to the following subthemes:
- Cosmology, gods, and rituals
- Gender, identity, and sexuality
- Place, space, and landscape
- History, memory, and conceptions of time
- (Inter-)cultural encounters between the Maya and their neighbours

These themes can all relate to research that is based on glyphic texts, ethnohistorical sources, iconography, as well as on extensive archaeological and anthropological fieldwork. All the subthemes also apply to a diachronic perspective and in terms of continuity and change in the field. Furthermore, the subthemes connect to the contemporary aspects of life among the Maya and Mesoamerican cultures as a broader cultural area.

For further information, please contact the Wayeb Conference Board.